You are a senior leader, an entrepreneur, a policy-maker or influencer. You want to make a difference in the world of economics, policy, or politics. And you need help making your impact.

Perhaps you want to bring a group of people together? Whether it’s a leadership team, a group of professionals, or those on opposing sides of a perspective. What you share is a commitment to make the world a better place.

Cathy can bring her expertise in economics and policy, and her skills as a facilitator and mentor to challenge you and your team to be your best. She is highly skilled at getting the best out of the people around you; to help you create something more than you can on your own.

This is facilitation. And what Cathy does best is to work with you to create solutions that are already in the room.

This work you do together is more than strategy, it’s less than consultancy. You’re co-creating new solutions by challenging what you thought you knew.

You have the answers, all we are doing together is helping you see them. And then choosing to implement them.

You have everything you need. You just need help to see it.