Clarity Audio Series: Answering Your Questions About Clarity in Life and Work

by | Nov 19, 2018


Clarity: Your Questions Answered…


I took some time this week to record some short audios for those of you who signed up for the Clarity Masterclass.

I asked you what was your #1 question about having more clarity in your life and work and I’m honoured by the responses I got.

I’m not ‘giving advice’ in these audios, I see them as a way of pointing to how you can find that elusive thing we call ‘clarity’ in response, not just to the specific question you asked, but always, in any situation, whether it seems large or small.

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Audio 1: Trying to Make Sense of the Future…


In this short audio I look at why it makes no sense to try to analyse, predict and plan for the future. Yet still we do it… especially when we have a ‘big’ decision. 

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Audio 2: Getting Below the Noise…


In this audio I look at what one of my subscribers laughed at as a ‘technique’ to use when making complex decisions. It’s an unusual way to access clarity but I think it’s a perfect way of describing what it is we’re doing when we settle into that state of inner peace, flow and ultimate confidence. 

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Audio 3: The Real Reason We Want Clarity (and, therefore, the ultimate solution…)


In Audio 3, I dive into what is is we’re doing when it looks as if ‘clarity’ (or whatever word we put on it) is the solution. Because when we see what’s going on then we’re able to immediately get the perspective we’ve been looking for.

I also talk about future-proofing your ability to tap into this quality.

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Audio 4: Is It a Problem?


In this audio I ask a very simple question to help you differentiate whether you’re listening to the right signal and what you might be making those signals mean. The last thing we need is more ‘problems’ in our lives and it might be that a simple shift in perspective is all we need to get to the clarity we’re looking for — and therefore take action rather than worry about what to do and how we feel.

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Audio 5: Two Final Questions…


In this final audio, I give you two questions to consider that I think will be helpful in retaining a sense of clarity.

I also consider the difference between intentionality and inflexibility. It looks as if one is good and the other not so good. It looks as if finding our intention, our purpose, our direction, is the solution to this thing called ‘clarity’ that we’re searching for.

And, yet….

…what if it’s also something that will cloud opportunities and block the fulfillment, satisfaction and happiness that’s what we really want?on. 

I’d love you to listen in and let me know what you hear.



Enjoy the series 🙂 

With love,




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