Welcome to the World-Changers’ Circle

Applications for the spring 2017 cohort of the World-Changers Circle are now closed. If you’d like to discover other ways to work with me, or when the next Circle is opening, please email me at info @ cathypresland dot com (or, if you’re on my email list, you can reply to any of the emails I send).

Change almost never fails because it’s too early. It almost always fails because it’s too late. Seth Godin

I invite you to join five hand-picked world-changers, to come with me, your guide and mentor, on a six-month journey to transform your personal leadership and accelerate your vision.

The people I work with, and the people I will be inviting into this group, all have one thing in common: we want to make the world a better place.

It’s inspiring and energising work, you are constantly growing, connecting people, being a role model for those around you, and being strong for others.

But still, you have a desire for more.

This is the part that other people don’t always understand – and that you don’t always understand yourself – what is it that drives you, and what will need to change before you can be truly satisfied?

But I do. I know you, I know that, despite the many years of development, you are still hungry for more – and to do more.

You Don’t Have to Do It Alone

Sometimes the bravest and most important thing we can do is show up. Brené Brown

You’ve done the deep personal work, you know the challenges you want to solve, and you’re taking action on them. It might seem, at one level, as if you don’t need help – you’re ambitious and driven, and you already do ‘big things’ in the world. But, at another level you feel dissatisfied that things (or other people!) don’t move as quickly as you want, or that you’re holding yourself back in some way.

Your biggest fear is that you won’t have the impact you so want, that you are one person trying to turn an ocean liner, and that you might exhaust yourself doing it.

Maybe things would settle down if you had complete clarity on your next direction, or if you could move more quickly (or if other people would move more quickly!), meanwhile it feels like progress is slow.

While you love what you do, it can be lonely work. It’s hard to ask for help – you’re usually the one who supports others – so who do you turn to when you want brutally honest feedback, or answers the “oh f** I need help!” questions?

Changing the World Starts with Changing Your World

All change starts from the inside.

There IS a way you can achieve the massive change you want, and in a way that continues to energise you, allows you to grow, and to feel that deep fulfilment that might be missing now. You have it at one level – life is good – but you know there is another level of power and impact you can be making.

I work with people to make small shifts in their world, so that they can go out to do the big stuff. And I know that life is significantly better when you have access to an exceptional, experienced coach and mentor, and a small group of equally smart and courageous people with whom you can be vulnerable, and who are willing to support you through your personal and professional challenges.

This is why I created the World-Changers’ Circle.

I’m Cathy Presland and for close to three decades I’ve been working to create positive change in the world. Working through governments, international organisations, and, most recently, with entrepreneurs and authors, I work with people just like you to see the potential of what they can do, and go out in the world to achieve it.

The World-Changers’ Circle is a six-month, guided coaching programme where you can discover how to become more of who you are, AND where you can work on a specific, practical challenge, with the support of an experienced strategist and mentor.

Who’s This For?

This is for experienced impact entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurs, consultants and professionals — you might be working alone, as a consultant, coach or adviser, or you might be in an organisation and creating change from within, or setting up something new alongside the ‘day job’. I don’t define you by what you do, only who you are.

You’re committed to making a difference – whether that’s one person at a time like Nadia, a mindfulness meditation teacher who is making the world a better place simply through her presence; or whether it’s by reaching thousands, even millions, of people, like Daniel, CEO of an educational technology company who is disrupting and democratising online education.

It’s not a prerequisite that you are earning a certain level of income, but it is a prerequisite that you have some experience or knowledge in your field. This is not a programme for complete beginners – even though you might be switching career or starting a new project, you are not at the very start of your career. I want you to come to the group as a peer, rather than a student.

Those who are right for the programme will come ready to take action, with openness, curiosity, a willingness to help others and to be vulnerable themselves. They will commit to attending all the group meetings, although, of course, life does occasionally get in the way.

What Results Will I Get?

Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall. Confucius

Starting in February 2017, we will come together for six months during which time you will get crystal clear on what you are doing to achieve your vision, what internal change and exploration will make you stronger, and what you need to do to create tangible results for you, your business or your organisation.

At the end of six months you will:

1. Have made concrete progress towards your vision

You pick what you want to work on and we co-create the strategy and activities that will get you there. Perhaps your vision is to build a new organisation — a business or a social enterprise? Perhaps you are creating a new programme of work within your existing structure — something that you have been putting off because it feels intimidating? You need clients, you want to know how to pitch, you want to create a programme of education or advocacy, you want to know how to reach influencers. That’s great! Let’s roll up our sleeves and get started with the detail of your next steps.

Perhaps you are expanding the scale and the impact of the work you already do — you know you can reach more people if only you stopped playing small, and I know that those relationships you think are out of your reach are just at the end of an email we will draft together and a connection we can brainstorm in the group.

2. Be significantly more visible for what you do

This comes up time and again and it isn’t about marketing or tactics, it’s a way of being. Being visible means that people see you — literally — you have people inviting you for speaking opportunities, asking to partner with or collaborate with you, and, even if people don’t come to you, you have the confidence and gravitas to go to your heroes as an equal partner with a serious proposition.

You also want to grow the visibility of what you do — be a part of in-person networks, give your online presence a makeover — we all know how important it is to have an effective website (and one that doesn’t cost you a lot of time or money), and to know where to be and what to post on social media to get noticed. There are so many choices — it’s easy to get confused, so I will help you be laser-focused on those activities that will get you the right kind of attention.

After six months together, you will be both doing things differently — reaching influencers, speaking, writing, etc — and also being and acting differently — finding an inner strength and a deep knowing that you have the power within you to do whatever you want.

3. Have less to do

As someone working on ‘big’ projects, or juggling more than one area of life you might have experienced that your mind feels full and your to-do list seems endless. However, if you look back at where you’ve been successful in the past, is it always by doing more? And does your to-do list match up with the things that inspire you on a day to day basis?

Having less to do means being more productive, it means removing procrastination from your vocabulary — because procrastination can’t co-exist with clarity and inspiration — which will be your new way of being as you unlock the key to exponential productivity.

As we get super-clear on who you want to work with, and how you want to make your difference, then it will be easy and obvious where to strip away many of the things you think you ‘should’ be doing.

4. Embark on (and complete!) a process of structured exploration

Getting to less might involve a little exploration. Maybe you already know what you want to do, or maybe you think ‘everyone’ could benefit from what you do?

Even if you feel you’ve been swimming with your ideas for months (or years),  we’ll walk together through a very clear process of structured exploration, tailored for your specific situation. This will help you expand your network far beyond the people you know so that you find connections and build relationships with people you didn’t even know existed. You’ll discover exactly how and where is the right place for you to build your legacy.

5. Take your performance to the next level — effortlessly

In these six months we will practise how to work at your performance edge, yet remain in balance, with time and space to refresh and rejuvenate both your physical health and your creativity. The details of this will be specific to you — what is a challenge for one person may be easy for you — we will find your edge, and you will start to see exponential growth in your performance and, of course, in your results.

This is practical stuff — for you it might be speaking to new audiences, making a proposal for a TV show, a book, or an article on a high-profile website, reaching out to influencers beyond your comfort zone, creating exciting, collaborative ventures, or bringing a deeper intimacy and vulnerability to your work.

I encircle all my clients with a balance of challenge and support so that we create a safe environment for you to experiment and grow (and have some fun along the way!).

6. Have a better understanding of who you are…

…and create your work from that place. It might be that you need to step into a leadership role, it might be that your best work is done in collaboration with others, it might be that you are a teacher, or an artist. We all play multiple roles but there is a way of being that is more natural for you and this is what will bring you effortless success.

You might feel as if you are hiding a little — perhaps working with, or through, others when, deep-down, you know it is time to shine. Through the external things you do (the ‘work’), you will experience how to develop internal resilience and personal growth. This greater understanding of who you are will set you up for lifelong success, and will bring you a deeper sense of fulfilment and happiness in every aspect of your life and business.

7. Understand where creativity, innovation and wisdom come from…

…and that you have an infinite supply of all three. As we work together you will find that you never need to worry about ‘not knowing’ the answer. I talk to many of you who are at a crossroads or have so many ideas that if feels like noise and confusion buzzing round your head.

I can say, with absolute certainty, that we will both quiet this noise so you can trust your intuition — hear what you already know (and, be honest, we DO know if we really listen!) and also understand where this noise comes from so you can tune it out forever. If this sounds less practical, then trust me when I say that I come from the most grounded and logical place possible; my work is about helping you create concrete results, it is not about talking. This process of change, unlocking your inner knowing, will be your key to success well beyond the end of this programme.

Forget safety. Live where you fear to live. Destroy your reputation. Be notorious. Rumi

At the end of our six months together, you will be more aware of what is true for you, of how to make the right decisions, of how to show up powerfully, how to ask, and how to be of service. You will learn how to trust yourself, how to be courageous and how to work with impact but also with ease. We will look at all of the internal and external barriers to success and you will discover how to do business differently, and disrupt current thinking (if that is what you want), as well as how to think long-term rather than short-term, so that you create sustainable results and success builds on success.

This Programme is Totally Unique

We cannot teach people anything; we can only help them discover it within themselves. Galileo

This programme is unlike anything you’ll find elsewhere. It’s a unique mixture of coaching and group-work — you have all the advantages of working with an experienced coach and mentor, and you also have a set of tried and tested tools and techniques to experiment with alongside a small group of your peers. You set your vision, and it is personal to you, but we are walking as a group.

Together we will:

1. Turn your ideas into action…

deskplanningTo be a ‘world-changer’ means you are constantly exploring and growing, both personally and professionally. It’s an exciting place to come from, but to create change this needs to become concrete and your exploration must become action. You have to be ruthless with your choices, and bold enough to take on new challenges, even if they stretch you far out of your comfort zone. In the World-Changers’ Circle, we will get crystal clear on your vision. You will discover tools to pace yourself, stay energised and focused on your vision, so that it becomes not only doable but inevitable. You will do this through written activities and through the challenges I set during the course of the programme. The work is tailored for you, although every task draws on the tried and tested four-step process I’ve developed exclusively for my one-to-one clients.

2. Strengthen your personal leadership…

Making an impact means involving others in your dream, whether that’s the reality of leading a team, or working with and through others. Everything we do, and especially everything we do in this programme, starts with developing your personal leadership. Being an effective leader is about showing up as you; it’s being prepared to be vulnerable, honest, putting service before ego. Our twice-monthly calls will focus on your leadership challenges, and the deep internal reflection that goes alongside them. This is very personal work, and it is how you get to understand who you truly are – the only way I know to become a powerful leader. The more powerful you become, the more you empower the people around you, and, at that place, the possibilities become infinite.

3. Scale your impact and leave a legacy…

Change happens one person at a time, but I know that you want to scale your impact and, perhaps, create a legacy, whether that’s something real, like books, trainings, videos, or other media; or whether it’s something less tangible like a change of heart, mind or behaviour in the people you touch. I also know that the opportunities ahead are bigger, and you are more capable than you think. I have yet to work with someone for whom this wasn’t true, and I will be surprised if you disappoint me! The more important question is what you choose to do – you can waste a lot of time on preparation, busy-work like creating websites, or ‘thinking’ about what you want to do – which means you fail passively by not doing — or you can fail (or succeed!) actively by doing. Scaling your impact means reaching for bigger challenges, it means looking at new ways to use technology, it means creating leverage by not doing everything yourself – creating products and programmes, training others. It means reaching out to people you don’t (yet) know, it means being uncomfortable in new situations, not being afraid to ask for what you want. During these six months, I will empower you to fail boldly. By giving you bespoke challenges and working with you on our group calls, you will not only think bigger, but you will take bigger actions in everything you do in and beyond the programme.

4. A trusted and experienced mentor and guide

We sometimes think if we could only do more, we would get more results, but that’s the opposite of how things work. I know because this is my story; I’ve been a high-achiever, I’ve held very senior level positions, I’ve worked around the world. And it is through this experience I am able to know what lies ahead for you. I know my best work comes when I am work from a place of who I am, and when I have clarity about what to do, and how to do it – no matter how challenging the situation I face. Through the tools and activities in the programme, I will show you how to transform the way you work – indeed the way you live – so that you come from that place of deep wisdom, do less, but with more focus so you have more impact. This is also a problem-solving community. I have created a safe space where you have virtually unlimited access to me, and your peers, to ask questions and to access resources and strategies on whatever challenges are coming up for you. No question is too small or ‘too stupid’.

Why Should I Work With You?

I’m an exceptional coach, trainer and motivator, and beyond that, while the programme is not about advice, I am there to guide you and to share resources where I can.

I’m a former economist and senior adviser with close to three decades’ experience working with governments, international organisations, and non-profits.

I’ve built a successful business, I’ve been on the faculty for the UK’s leading in-person Masterclass series and I’ve created a community of over 22,000 online learners.

I’m deeply immersed in how to create change, I understand both the global issues that affect us, and I understand how to transform you, so that you can create your change in the world.

How’s the Programme Structured?

The programme starts in February 2017 and will runs for six months. There is also an option to work with me one-to-one between now, and when the group starts in February (see below).


  • We will meet twice a month for two hours as a group.
  • We will have weekly formal check-ins, unlimited online support from me and some support from the other ‘world-changers’ in the group (although this is optional – there is no obligation for you to respond to all the requests from the group!). You can post any questions you have, although in the nature of coaching, I may not answer them but guide you to find your own answer. I can also give you feedback on your written communications, presentations, pitches, business ideas, and more.
  • You will have bespoke ‘projects’ or ‘challenges’ from time to time that are carefully designed to help you achieve the vision you will outline at the beginning of the programme.
  • I may also reach out to my network to interview people who inspire us, and from whom we can learn.

What’s the Investment?

The financial investment is not insignificant but, beyond that, you will need to commit your energy and your time. There are the hours we spend together on calls as well as the bespoke activities, and you will get most value out of the programme if you integrate what we do together with what you are working on ‘in the real world’, whether that is deep inner work, or something specific in your business or career.

There are two ways to pay: you can pay in full, and if you choose this option before the programme starts, we will have additional one-to-one coaching calls between your joining date and the start of the group to help you get super-clear on what you want to work on and to eliminate any blocks that you think are currently in your way.

There is also a payment plan option if you prefer to spread the investment.

The process starts with a conversation. Please reach out to me at info @ cathypresland dot com with a little bit of information about you, and what draws you to this programme, and we can arrange a time to talk.

It’s Personal to YOU

At the beginning of the programme I’ll ask you to create a ‘vision’ document to define what success means for you, and this will become a road-map for our six-month journey together.

You are responsible for crafting your vision, you are responsible for asking for support, for showing up on the calls and being courageous about taking on new challenges (everything is optional!). I don’t guarantee any specific results, and my results, or the results of other clients I work with, are not an indication of what you might achieve. I am responsible for providing a safe environment for you to ask for support, and to coach you through the challenges that come up. Know that the more you give to the group, and the more that you ask for help, the more you will receive and grow.

Not everyone will be doing ‘the same thing’ – diversity adds value – but I know that we will share certain values, and that you will benefit from, and also contribute to the development of the group as a whole through your contribution and experience. I am choosing a group of people who will become your closest colleagues and friends for the next six months. For people like us, success isn’t about personal fame – that’s often the last thing we care about – it’s about making a difference now and into the future. That’s how we define success. Don’t wait for ‘someday’; the best time to make a bigger difference is now.

Interested? Here’s What to Do NOW…

Applications for the spring 2017 cohort of the World-Changers Circle are now closed. If you’d like to know when the next Circle is opening, please email me at info @ cathypresland dot com (or, if you’re on my email list, you can reply to any of the emails I send you).

The next step is for you send me an email at info @ cathypresland dot com (or, if you’re on my email list, you can reply to any of the emails I send you).

Please put “world-changers” in the subject line, and tell me a little bit about yourself.

Joining the World-Changers’ Circle isn’t something to rush into; you and I need to have at least one conversation, and most likely two, before we decide if this is right for you, and if you are right for the group. Even if you don’t know that yet, but you are interested and have some questions, then I encourage you to contact me — I can only put so many words on a page like this and the real connection is formed when we speak.

Can’t wait to hear from you!