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A Simple Life Isn’t About Reducing the Amount of ‘Stuff’

There’s a prevailing philosophy that having less stuff will lead to a simpler life, and a simpler life equates to more peace of mind. Hmm. That’s the way it looks, and the way many of us think it works. But what if there’s a huge piece we’re forgetting?

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The Subtle, yet Important, Difference Between Inspiration and Motivation (The Key to an Inspired Life and a Stress-Free Day)

In conversation with a client who was feeling demotivated about her to-do list, we broke down the distinction between inspiration and motivation and how to keep ourselves in the flow.

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It's OK If You Don't Know All the Details

In conversation with a social entrepreneur yesterday she revealed what can be a huge block for any of us bringing our ideas into the world: the fear that we have to ‘know it all’ before we can start. Because that fear can halt us in our steps…

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