Clarity Course

Clarity Course


If I knew what to do about X, then I could simply get on and do it,

Clarity seems most out of reach when we're most stuck and most need it. Based on questions I’ve received from clients and subscribers, this audio series will help quiet your mind and show you where clarity comes from, so that you can find it for yourself, no matter your situation or the dilemma you’re facing.

The five audios cover your most burning questions, including:

  • How to find the elusive piece that will unlock everything else for you;

  • How to see past confusion now and in the future; no matter what’s on your mind;

  • How to respond and be ready take on new opportunities as they show up;

  • Why ‘figuring it out’ is guaranteed to take you further away from clarity, and what to do instead.

Once you’ve ‘purchased’ the course (which is free!), the downloads will be available on the thank you page and will be sent to your inbox immediately.

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Audio 1: How to Make Sense of the Future

So much of our desire for clarity comes from wanting to move confidently into the future—and we assume this confidence will give us a sense of… something elusive… perhaps security, reassurance, certainty?

In the first audio I look at why this is and why we try to analyse, predict and plan for the future, even though the future is, as yet, unknown. We seem more inclined to do this when the stakes are high and the decision is big. But could this, paradoxically, be limiting us? And how do we balance sensible future planning with staying present to what’s happening in our lives now?

Audio 2: Getting Below the Noise

In the second audio I look at what one of my subscribers didn’t want to admit to using because she didn’t recognise its power as a technique for making complex decisions. Don’t be put off by how she describes it, her words may not be your words, but it's a perfect way of tapping into what we already know, pushing aside the noise and confusion, and settling into the quiet.

It’s what allows us to fall into clarity, flow and the ultimate confidence that we know what to do. 

Audio 3: What We're Really Looking For (and, therefore, how to get it)

In Audio 3, I dive into what is is we're doing when we’re searching for clarity, and why it can be so elusive exactly when we most want it. When we see what we’re doing in this frantic searching, it’s much, much easier to back off and find the perspective we need to see clearly.

(I also talk about future-proofing your ability to tap into this technique so it becomes your most useful secret weapon.)

Audio 4: Differentiating Clarity from Confusion

In this audio I ask a very simple question to help you differentiate between answers that come to you from clarity and answers that come from confusion. Sometimes, the more we try to ‘figure something out’, the more noisy our mind gets and the tighter the circles we’re spinning.

This audio will help you tune in to the right signal, no matter how noisy, and no matter the situation.

Audio 5: The Paradox of ‘Being Clear’ and Two Final Questions

In this final audio, I talk about the difference between having a clear intention, versus being inflexible and immovable. It definitely looks as if having a clear objective is important for getting to clarity, while being inflexible will restrict our ability to find solutions and adapt to changing circumstances. However things are not always what they seem…

I also give you two final questions to consider that I think will be helpful in retaining a sense of clarity as you move forward in your life. Think of it like a kind of early warning system to keep you on track and out of the metaphorical ditches at the side of the road!

Whats Included?

As soon as you ‘buy’ the course (which is currently free), you’ll get a link to download the audios on the thank you page and also sent to you by email. inside the file are five mp3 audio files, each about ten minutes long, available for you to download and listen to on any device. There’s no need to log into a membership area, the files are yours to keep on your computer, phone of tablet.

Enjoy the series.