Leadership Course

Leadership Course



At the heart of leadership is how to create a connection with one other person, or a team of people, usually in a work or professional context.

Leadership is also personal—how do we motivate someone else if we don’t understand where motivation comes from, and can find it in ourselves? How do we create a compelling vision and move people towards it if we are still finding our own place in an organisation and in the world?

When clients come to me for leadership coaching, there’s often an element of ‘fixing’ things that aren’t working or of moving from one place to another with their teams. When we shift from the everyday to what would really be game-changing for them, for their organisation, for the work that they do, then I can see their faces light up and a whole new perspective opens up. Well yes, that would be cool ! (and we each have our version of that).

This is what I’m aiming you towards in this free course—how to get to that. And along the way we look at the fundamentals of what’s inside our human mind, where motivation comes from, how to be more resilient, how to influence and communicate better, how to balance task and people, how to feel like you’re being true to yourself and creating an impact with the people around you (and therefore with the work that you do).

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What you get

This is a five-day email course where I send ideas and activities to you every day for five days. As soon as you ‘purchase’ you’ll start to receive your emails. There’s nothing to download, just check your inbox over the coming five days. In the content of the course, we cover:

  • The foundations of leadership and why I want to take you outside the context of your work life;

  • Balance between task and people—how to get the job done AND develop the people around you at the same time;

  • How to be innovative at work, how to develop innovation and a ‘learning culture’ at work—what this means and why 99% of organisations are getting it wrong!;

  • How to develop your staff to be resilient and tenacious—if they didn’t give up, if you didn’t give up, if you said what you thought (in a way that was polite and respectful) rather than holding back because you don’t want to offend someone or you don’t know how to say it, what might that change?';

  • The best way to develop your staff and the counter-intuitive way to work with the people in your team (and yourself!) to get the ultimate high performance.

Once you’ve ‘purchased’ the course (which is free!), you’ll receive emails with the training and the activities directly to your inbox. I also encourage you to reply with your questions and comments!

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