Getting to the Solution that’s Already in the Room

Sometimes it’s hard for you, as an insider, to see the solution that’s already in the room. Or sometimes you don’t know how to bring together diverse views, or how to get others to share their ideas in the first place. We all have times when we’re too close to the content of what we do, and too close to our colleagues to be able to move forward through a creative block or an apparent impasse.

You need an impartial eye, someone to bring out the best in your senior team, to help you excavate a fresh perspective and, better yet, to show you once and for all where fresh ideas come from so that you are equipped to do it whenever you need to. The power isn’t with the facilitator, it’s with you and your team, you’ve simply forgotten how to access it.

I am very clear-sighted, with a keen eye for where people are blind to their own potential, and the leadership and coaching skills to bring out the best in your team or group. I manage sensitive decision-making or situations of conflict with grace and humour. 

In short, I am an expert facilitator.

And not just any facilitator.

I bring a very specialised understanding of how the mind works, something I’ve studied over years, trained in and am qualified to teach. My clients tell me that they feel refreshed, as if they have unlimited potential, that they work with a lightness they didn’t believe was possible–and that problems seem to melt away.

If you want to bring a fresh perspective and a new way of thinking into your organisation; if you value innovation but you feel stuck, if you value people but you’ve lost sight of how to nurture talent, if you’re working on problems that seem so challenging that you “don’t have time” or “don’t want to face”, then I may be exactly the person to help.

If you’ve never worked with a professional facilitator then you may not have experienced what’s possible. And if you have, then you’ll know that only the best will do.

Let’s talk.


“A rare talent
Cathy was a delight to work with, able to handle difficult conversations with a light touch and grounded in a deep experience…”


“Solid. Brilliant. Intuitive. Authentic.
To me Cathy is a born talent when it comes to bringing out the best in others and inspiring them to uncover what they did not know they wanted. Cathy’s unique color is her lighthearted and brilliantly good humored approach to communicating when she speaks, writes or collaborates, which illuminates everything she sets out to do, most of the time working with people somehow and making them go forward.
She brings the perspective while leaving the full space to the other party. Her self-confidence seems natural and her creative ambition underlies everything she does. One can feel her trust in the process itself. Her multifaceted knowledge base and experience of business, coaching, strategic positioning… in parallel with her absolutely outstanding people skills, give her a broad perspective to draw from when developing or collaborating on projects.”


Cathy is just wonderful to work with. I can’t recommend her highly enough…”



Cathy is a world-class teacher and mentor, and a lovely person… Can’t recommend her enough!”


“Feeling more inspired than ever…”

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