how to write a book


Writing is About More Than Words on a Page

Many of us want to share our message through the written word. It’s natural, it helps us reach more people, and it helps us find a way to express our ideas. Sometimes we don’t really know what we think until we write it down.

While I no longer work with people on their writing, I can work with you to achieve your bigger vision. It’s likely it’s that bigger vision that’s behind your desire to be a writer.


You’re already successful, and you want to expand; you want to challenge yourself to show up more powerfully. You want to give a voice to your ideas, to share your vision and inspire your readers. You’re driven by why you do what you do, and you balance heart and head; passion and strategy. You are decisive and motivated. You know that you succeed by taking action, thinking about a solution isn’t enough. You have to move – that’s when the magic happens.


I support your ambition whole-heartedly. That balance of strategic and creative is where I work best, and I love it. I’m an expert in human performance, bringing a deep understanding of state of mind and the context for creating change in the world. I can help you bring your bigger vision to fruition because it comes back to understanding what drives you, what you want to create in the world and how to unleash your unlimited potential.

If you specifically want support with writing, then check out some of the self-paced learning on offer. If you want to start a conversation about working with me, then let’s connect.


“I am writing a book and this course is exactly what I need.”


“I bought Cathy’s course because I was struggling to find my ‘voice’. The exercises really helped me to do that, allowing me to free up my writing for a new audience. She explains the exercises very clearly and is lovely to listen to. Thanks Cathy!”


“Her voice is that of a teacher who loves the material and genuinely wants the best for the student.”

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