It’s only impossible until it’s done…

Welcome! I’m Cathy and I work with people who are making a positive impact in the world; people who don’t see what they in terms of serving themself, but see it in terms of creating something beyond themselves, in terms of creating change, no matter how large or small.

If you’re reading this, then I suspect you are one of those people.

I’m here to help you on that journey. To inspire, and to coach you to be your very best and to achieve results that look impossible, challenging, complex, or all three. Here’s a secret though, they only look that way from the perspective you have now. Once you shift your perspective to create a different relationship with your experience, then those challenges you’re facing — indeed your whole life! — transforms.

I bring a very deep understanding of human performance and what it means to work in a world where purpose is the norm. I help you be the kind of  leader who is working on ideas that matter, who is able to show up without ego, build trust and strong relationships with those around you, deliver results in an uncertain and complex environment, stay hopeful, inspire and be inspired. In short, to show up as the best ‘you’, to do what is right and not what is expedient, and to create the change you want to see in the world.

It’s simple; when you change, you have the capacity to change the world.


Tailored Coaching Programmes

I create powerful conversations that shift the foundations of your world and help you re-build them into something more solid than you imagined possible.

We look beyond your day-to-day challenges to how the human mind works and unlock the key, not just to what you want to do in the short-term, but to a way of thinking that equips you for everything you want to do in the future. I’m not stuck in the way that you see things, which means I’m able to make a difference quickly and exponentially. I can see the possibility of things that you’re not even aware of, and, from there, I become a catalyst for the transformation in your life.

When I work with you I’m looking for your potential to make a positive difference. You might be in a political or policy role, you might be a senior leader in a company or non-profit, perhaps you’re an entrepreneur or social entrepreneur, or you simply describe yourself as a change-maker, an advocate for shifting beliefs and behaviour. Whatever ‘label’ you currently wear, you are someone who wants to live a life that makes you come alive, and that impacts the people around you in a positive way. Welcome to the club.

Coaching partnerships (usually) run for a minimum of six months and (usually) start at £6,000. However everything is designed around your needs so the first step is always a conversation to see what possibilities we can create together.


Aside from my personal clients, I also work in partnerships with organisations and leadership teams. I design and deliver powerful training, innovative seminars and workshops, and engaging talks to public and private sector organisations, associations, and less formal networks.

I especially love to collaborate and to co-create something that is greater than the sum of the parts. Plus, it’s way more fun to work together than to work alone!

Together We Create Magic

Change happens because you will something differently when we work together. We’re looking for insights — a way of seeing something — that, once we see it, cannot be unseen. I call it transformation because even though the world we are looking at is the same, what we see is very different and therefore the possibilities for what we can do expand exponentially.


    • How can I be more effective even when things around me look uncertain or complex?
    • Can you help me create the kind of lasting change that goes far beyond me and my organisation? I have ideas about what this might be, I’m just not sure it’s possible, or how to achieve it.
    • How do I, and my team, achieve at the highest level on this project, even when we already consider ourselves to be pretty good at what we do?
    • Can you help me create this piece of work, project, or impact that looks impossible from where I’m standing?
    • How can I get clarity about the next phase of my life and then go out and do it?
    • Can you help me scale the impact of what I do to create positive change in the world?
    • I want to recapture a sense of meaning at work AND have the time and energy I want for my personal life and relationships. Can we do that?
    • I know where I want to go, and what I want to be doing, I need some help getting there.
    • I want to do work that matters and yet my biggest fear is that I won’t have the impact I so want to have in the world. Sometimes my dreams feel impossible, crazy even when I say them out loud. How can I make them happen, and get in touch with what’s really possible for me?
    • How can I be in my flow more often? How can I tap into creativity, innovation and high performance on a regular basis?
    • Is it possible to make work effortless? How do I do this?



Most of the programmes start with an immersion so that we can jumpstart your success and create dramatic results in a short space of time.

The work we do together — that life-changing, world-changing transformation — is done in and between conversations.

The space between our time is as important as the hour or hours we spend together — insights come when they come. We all know that a quiet mind — walking the dog, taking a shower — is when our best ideas strike, and it’s the same with the coaching process — something may strike you hours or days after a conversation.

What we create together goes well beyond superficial behavioural change.

I won’t be teaching you the latest tactic, or asking you to remember what to do in certain situations. We work in a place before the behaviour, the place that is the source of why you see the world the way you do, how you create your day-to-day experiences (and therefore how to transform them), and how to achieve the impact that you want in your world.

This is transformational coaching for a reason — once you’ve changed, you don’t need to carry around the old behaviours and beliefs. You show up at your full  potential.

And from that place of potential, you can create anything. That’s exciting work, it’s where the magic is created — helping you see that so much more is possible, and then making those dreams happen in a way that’s feels so effortless it must be magic. Because it is. It’s like being in a canoe going downstream; once in the water, you’re in flow, it’s easy, rather than paddling upstream  against the current.

I help you achieve world-class performance and achieve concrete results. You’ll find that the pieces of your life begin to fit more naturally and you fall in love with your life and work again.


That applies to my personal life as well as the work that I do. I create dedicated hours of the week, and weeks of the year when I’m not accessible for client work because my family comes first.

Coaching starts with a conversation; I want to get to know you, and you have to get to know me in order to discover what’s possible. I don’t rush the process of designing a programme and you’ll find that even one single conversation can result in life-changing insights. To start the process, or to understand whether coaching is even right for you at this moment in time, please contact me here, or email me at info [at] cathypresland [dot] com and tell me a little about what you do and what’s motivating you to seek support right now.

I’m excited to connect!