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What I Do

I once asked someone why he had taken one of my courses. “Marketing is a credibility game,” he told me “and right now there is nothing that will boost my credibility faster than having a book.

He is so right — when you have a book you stand out. Not only that but someone can read your book and get to know before they make contact. They know you before you meet. They know what you do and the like and trust you enough to want to take the next step.

And if this is what you want, then you are in the right place.

Being a published author is the very best way to stand out, get noticed, build your brand, and attract the right people and partnerships without having to explain again and again. And it's the best way to get your message out. To share what you know, your story and your message.

I love to work with entrepreneurs who want both of these


You want to share a message and grow your business at the same time — you have heart and passion, and you’re driven by why you do what you do, but your head is very firmly screwed on. You have a strong sense of what makes good business. You want people to find you, get to know you, recognise you, and pay you for the expert you are.

You want more people to find out about you. More connections with people who can become, or who can introduce you to or put you in front of your ideal clients and customers.

Of course this doesn’t happen by accident. There is intention behind every part of the process – what is the right topic, the right book for you? How long does it need to be? What format? How should you launch for maximum impact?


My favourite part is the business end. How your book can fit your business, how you can take what you already know and turn it into a book.

When we work together you’ll be amazed at how easy this process can be, how much you already have or know, and also how much value you offer. Again and again clients really “see” and understand their value and their message at a deeper level. Which of course means you can revise your fees (upwards!) and re-evaluate exactly who you want to work with and who is that perfect client for you.

I know what works in this complex world of writing and publishing; what makes a good book for this emerging technology and – importantly – how to write and sell books that have a lasting impact for your reader and for you.

Sounds like we could be a perfect fit

I love to work with people who are decisive and motivated. For me, when you take action you succeed. Thinking about a solution isn’t enough. You have to move – that’s when the magic happens.

And while I don’t guarantee to make your book a bestseller, I have a long line of bestselling authors who have worked with me or taken my training courses, discovered how to use their book to reach more people and get their message out into the world.

Ready To Get Started?

If you want to get to know me better, a good place to start is my book, which is designed to take you step by step along that first part of your book journey. Or, if you want fast results; you’ve waited long enough and now it’s time to write your book — or if you’ve already written it, and you want to get it out there — then I’d love to talk to you. Just send me a few details via the form at the bottom of the page and I’ll connect with you within a few days. If you’ve achieved a certain level of success then a book can take you to the next level faster than almost anything else you can do. And the results last — it’s not a one-time web launch or event that is soon forgotten. A good book has longevity and will attract the right people to you again and again. And if you want me to come and speak at your event or a workshop, just drop me an email. I love to connect with live groups and very happy to fly out to somewhere warm and sunny to do it ;)


The Back Story…

For over twenty years I’ve been an economic adviser to governments around the world. I worked in Africa in the 1990s and led anti-poverty initiatives, including setting up a micro-lending fund for women, consulting for the World Bank, The European Union and many other international organisations along the way.

I’ve had senior positions in the UK government where I worked closely with politicians and headed up the strategic development of multi-billion-euro economic regeneration funds. Today my ambitions are to help you create a business and life you love so that you can be inspired to do the big stuff.


Cathy is an engaging speaker and can deliver anything from a half hour introduction to Writing A Book sessions to your networking group right through to full day or weekend workshops specifically tailored to deliver results for your team, members or employees who want to write their non-fiction book.

Cathy currently speaks in topics related to writing and publishing and has spoken to or delivered workshops with organisations as wide ranging as Cybher, The Business Show, Women Mean Business, Soho House, and The Guardian Masterclasses.

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