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About Cathy

Cathy Presland works with leaders, policy-makers and politicians to do the transformative work that creates real change in the world.

An expert on transformational leadership, both personal and professional, Cathy inspires leaders to look beyond themselves when they make their life and business decisions. She works with organisations and individuals who are driven to make an impact with what they do.

A former international economist and policy adviser, she draws on more than two decades experience in Europe and Africa, working with heads of governments, international organisations and NGOs. Cathy is a respected motivational speaker, teacher and facilitator. She holds an MPhil in Political Economy and is a certified Transformative Coach.

Her vision is to create a fairer world, one impact-driven leader at a time.

What’s yours?

“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.” ~~Rumi


“To me Cathy is a born talent when it comes to bringing out the best in others and inspiring them to uncover what they did not know they wanted. Cathy’s unique color is her lighthearted and brilliantly good humored approach to communicating when she speaks, writes or collaborates, which illuminates everything she does. She brings perspective while leaving the full space to the other party. Her self-confidence and her creative ambition underlie everything she does. One can feel her trust in the process itself. Her multifaceted knowledge and experience of business, coaching, strategic positioning, marketing, multimedia, social media and most things digital in parallel with her absolutely outstanding people skills, give her a broad perspective to draw from when developing or collaborating on projects. Solid. Brilliant. Intuitive. Authentic.”

Ulrika Simoneau

Interior Designer, Project Manager

“Cathy Presland is a fantastic business coach and mentor. She really knows her stuff and I found her help invaluable. She helped me clarify my book’s message and structure and even aligned my plans for the kindle book within my overall business strategy. Without her I would still doubt whether writing a book made any business sense for me. Cathy also helped me formulate a launch plan to maximise book sales, aim for best-seller rankings, and she already gave me ideas for my next book. Cathy gave me encouragement when I most needed it. And when I got frustrated because I had tried to cram three books worth of content into one book, she also helped me to concise the book down to make it manageable. Apart from that Cathy is just wonderful to work with. I can’t recommend her highly enough, and I hope I will work with her again in the future.”

Sandra Boehner

Author, Professional Food Blogger

“Cathy…all I can say is WOW! I’m now a published author (digital, print, and almost audio!) and I’m incredibly grateful for your patience and expert guidance. You de-mystified the entire process, helped me focus on what really matters, and guided me to making wise business choices. My book, Marketing With A Heart, became a #1 Amazon Best Seller (in multiple categories) the same day it was released. People are reaching out for radio and podcast interviews, and I have new clients as well! Thanks again! The dream is now my reality.”

Ben Gioia

Speaker, Author, Coach,

“Cathy I’ve had maybe six executive coaches during my time in banking and my experience with you couldn’t be more different. I’d become jaded about coaching and resentful of ‘homework’. With you it’s like the fog has cleared: I have direction, I’m energised, I understand why I’m here and exactly what I need to do next. It’s so easy! You also talk about it like it’s common sense but it’s so different to the prevailing culture. I can’t thank you enough!”


Helga Sorenson

(former) Investment Banker

“You were just wonderful and your talk was exactly what we were looking for. The feedback from your talk has been amazing. I am so grateful for what you did for us.”

Becky Ricards Small

Earlybirds Networking

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