What If We Didn’t Decide the Future Before It Happened?

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Waking Up

  • What if you didn’t worry about how anxious you were going to be the day the photographer was coming to take your picture?

  • What if you didn’t worry about how crap you’d feel because the university was sure to reject your application because you’d attached the wrong academic transcript.

  • What if you didn’t worry about not getting a good night’s sleep and feeling exhausted the next day.

  • What if you didn’t worry about that upcoming team appraisal process with those ‘difficult’ staff members.

  • What if you didn’t worry about offending your friend when you tell her you don’t really want to go to her party (and how upset she’d be and therefore how bad you’d feel…)

These are all real questions that I’ve asked out loud or have run through my mind in response to my own thinking or situations clients and family members have talked about.

We all do it, we expect something in the future to go a certain way and therefore we prepare ourselves for an experience that only exists in our mind now. It hasn’t happened yet and we have no idea how it will go.

Maybe we will feel the embarrassment, the anxiety, the nerves, the discomfort. But maybe not. Maybe we’ll be surprised how we breezed through it, how it was actually cathartic to let go of something, how we were able to throw ourselves in and enjoy the moment.

Let It Be…

What if we didn’t decide beforehand how the day was going to go, but showed up, engaged with what was in front of us, and let it flow how it flowed.

Just a thought…

With love,