Perspective: What We Look at Changes… or Does It?


What We See

I posted a couple of pictures from my morning walk on Facebook this week. It’s a walk I do most days, or at least some version of it, when I take the dog out. Normally I don’t take the phone, so I added the comment,

Village walk. Same as most mornings only I took my phone out today!

A friend posted a question, partly in jest, picking up on my comment that it was the same scenery I saw most mornings,

Cathy…does it look the same most mornings though?

I laughed at his question because he knows, as I do, that, of course, the village is what it is; it’s there every morning! Sure, there might be some variations of weather and light, seasons and colours. But my perception of it is coloured by how I look at it — not how it actually appears.

How We Look 

On this particular morning, a distant tractor had caught my eye and I got my phone out to take a picture. It wasn’t great, and I thought I could do better, so I kept the phone out to see if there were any other images I could capture, and I got a couple of shots of one of the farmhouses which show some of the typical ‘English village life’ scenery.

What I noticed, which is why my friend’s comment had made me smile, was the only difference between this morning and other mornings, was that I’d had my eyes open to the beauty of the world around me — and I was looking for something to represent the awe and grace I felt as I went on my walk that glorious late summer morning.

What Are You Looking For? 

No, the view isn’t always the same, even though the ‘thing’ we are looking remains the same.

When we look for the beauty that’s in front of us, we are sure to see it; it’s already there, we just need to open our eyes to it.

Wishing you a beauty-filled week,

With love,


P.S. We released a new podcast episode this week: why taking control is killing you — an alternative look at ‘toughing it out’. If you have topics or questions you’d like us to talk about in the podcast, please let me know!