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Bothered by Brexit?


Managing in Uncertainty

It seems like we’re in the ultimate uncertainty at the moment and yet it’s business as usual, or business not as usual…

I know this is in the minds of some of my readers and clients as well as many others, and I wanted to offer an online seminar to talk with you about what it means to be operating in uncertain times and what skills are particularly important in times like these. The topic runs much wider than Brexit, although that may be particularly timely for you.

When it feels as if we’re in the grip of uncertainty, it can feel like there is more to do to motivate ourselves and our team, to engage with clients and customers, and to stay positive and optimistic, even if this isn’t how we feel some of the time. It can definitely feel like some of this is more effort, or that there are more balls to juggle than ‘usual’.

We can think that:

  • Things will get easier when we get to X (whatever X is).

  • If we had more information, and knew what to say to the team, things would be easier.

  • We need to know X or to get to X in order to take decisions or to start or move forward on projects.

These statements are not as valid as they appear at first glance, and I want to explain why that is and show you the potential implications of there being nothing in the future that will make life easier, or harder.

The truth is that we are always living in some kind of uncertainty, and learning what that means for each of us, and how to be able move forward, to plan, to make decisions, to communicate clearly and act with integrity are some of the personal leadership skills that will enable you to feel more at ease with uncertainty and avoid a feeling (or the reality!) of paralysis.

If any of this resonates, even a little, then please sign up and let’s go deeper with what it means to be delivering in uncertain times and specifically what you can do to strengthen your resilience and personal leadership.

Please sign up below to get the link to the seminar which will be held on zoom conferencing.

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