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Cathy, your emails are like nothing else I receive in my inbox. I love your ideas and opinions and what you share about life…

People who join the mailing list and become part of our community have a sense that they are doing something beyond themselves—which can come with a sense of purpose, but can also come with a sense that you don’t always know where to go for advice and support, and I hope you will find some of that here.

I try to get underneath the superficial fixes and talk about the principles that drive life and that, once mastered, will make a difference in all parts of your life and work.

I know that my community has a strong sense of wanting to grow and achieve both personally and professionally and one of the things you’ll hear me talk about repeatedly in my weekly emails is that balance between creating for the future and thriving in the now.

I’d love to know how you see that balance and you are welcome to contact me reply to any of the emails I send. I’d love to join us and start to shift your perspective about what’s possible.