Are You Invested in What You're Doing?


Reaching Your Goals!

This week I experienced a ripple of vicarious joy when a client secured a meeting with a high value client; someone she'd considered, just a few weeks prior, to be way out of her reach.

I love those moments, when I can celebrate alongside my clients, when I see them taking bold actions to create the change they want to see in the world. 

Sadly, Though, It's Never About Me

Nice as it is for my ego, those moments pass. I know, underneath any joy I feel, pride even, that it's about my client, not about me.

This client succeeded because she had a bold vision, she set her sights high, and she took actions without attachment to results.

Sure, we worked on her vision, we aligned it with what she knows to be true, we talked about creating what she wants, about being in discomfort and making an impact despite her state of mind.

But she is the one who shows up to our sessions wanting answers, wanting to discuss the way the mind works, how to generate ideas, get into and stay in motion, and how to build strong relationships with those around her.

Without her commitment to our conversations, without listening for insights, without acting on those that inspire her, the results simply would not happen.

This is true in any client-coach relationship. No matter how much money you pay, how talented, well-trained, or otherwise the coach—you are the necessary ingredient in creating change.

I'd like you to remember this as you work on your projects this week. Whether you're working  with a coach, working on your own, or connecting with a group of colleagues or peers -- however you choose to create results in your life—just make sure that you're invested in the process.

Invested not just in the money you might be spending, but invested in the conversation, invested in listening, in being open, vulnerable, in sharing exactly how you feel and what you want to achieve. Because, only then, can you create something truly wonderful.

With love,


P.S. We often fool ourselves about what we're looking for in life, and we look to other people to help us create something that, deep down, we don't want to do. Friend, family, professional, however you're seeking reassurance or guidance, why not do yourself (and them) a favour, and make sure you're ready for what you think you want. Otherwise, just put it on the back burner until you are.