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Making Business Easy (and is that even the right question?)

Making business easy looks like it should be about applying systems and structures. That’s not what my interviewee said ‘we’re the least structured we’ve ever been’. And making the most money!

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How Blanket Judgements Close Us Off to Our Potential

It’s easy to judge, and especially those in the public arena. Politicians seem easy game for most of us! When a politician I’d worked with passed away recently, I found myself reflecting on his career, and on what it might mean if we choose to look through our judgements, rather than at them…

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What Is 'Good Work'? This Question, and the Exposure of a Fundamental Misunderstanding in the UBI Debate

I was at a debate on Universal Basic Income. As I listened to the panel and we talked around the table, I realised all of us were operating from one huge misunderstanding….

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