Making Business Easy (and is that even the right question?)

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What is 'Easy' Mean For You? 

What does ‘easy’ mean when it comes to business?

And, is that the question we should be asking? The place we should be looking to get to?

In this interview with Geraldine Grandidier, founder of Tidy Books, we talk about what it means to find ease and flow in business. About how it doesn't have to be the struggle that it is for some, or that it might have been for us in the past.

We talk about making it effortless, about finding flow and allowing results to happen.

There's a world of difference, however, between allowing the results to find us, and the appearance of being laissez-faire, acting as if nothing matters. In fact, Geraldine admits,

We're the most structured we've ever been in the business.

(I think that answer shocked her as she said it!)

Ditch the Stress 

In this interview, we dig into the source of stress and dissatisfaction, and not just when it comes to business the reason we experience stress in our business is exactly the same reason we experience it anywhere.

We laugh about that in relation to bringing up children.

We talk about Geraldine's journey and about what she does differently now to a couple of years ago. (You'll be pleased to hear that we're not adding a bunch of tools and techniques to your list of things to do.)

We talk about what it means to be authentically aligned, and why that's more important than the latest strategy and tips you can read about on the internet and in books.

There really is a way that business, work, or anything you want to accomplish can be much 'easier' than you think.


 This is the kind of ease and flow that I help my clients experience.

Because, developing a deeper understanding of how the mind works and how to go with the flow of life, makes it possible to create results in the world beyond your wildest expectations.


With love,