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Burnout: What's Really Going On and What to Do About It

Burnout is a common challenge, whether we call it that or not. And the solution looks like taking time off, rejuvenating and refreshing. Sometimes that helps, but if we don’t get down to a root solution, then we’ll experience the same burnout again and again. In this interview…

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Making Business Easy (and is that even the right question?)

Making business easy looks like it should be about applying systems and structures. That’s not what my interviewee said ‘we’re the least structured we’ve ever been’. And making the most money!

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Are You Moving Too Fast?

At a certain stage of life ambitious, driven, talented people (like you and me!) find ourselves going all out for what we want. And that can mean working long hours, ‘getting out of our comfort zone’ or ‘doing whatever it takes’, all language you’ve heard before. But what if this is holding us back from success? What if there’s another, easier, and more effective, way? Read on to find out more…

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