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Perfectionism Does Not Create Perfection (and may cause you a performance injury)

It’s easy to assume that a little worrying is a good thing—that surely it makes us more conscious of results and focuses the mind on doing better? Well… maybe not. Maybe perfectionism in its extreme form—the mental comparison to our own imagined future performance is actually causing damage to us and diminishing our results.

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My iPhone, the Weather and Controlling Results

I can drive myself crazy planning my day around the weather forecast on my phone—just as a client was doing with the results of her project. “It’s not on the forecast!” she exclaimed. Well… here’s how it actually works!

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Preparing Versus Recovering

Yeah, I’ll take a break after the big event, said a client to me recently. I was puzzled. This was the exact opposite of what I thought she should do—and yet it’s so typical for most of us to work flat out to a deadline or a big event, and then rest after. Here’s what I think will keep you going longer and help you perform better…

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