Everything Versus Anything: Can You Really Have It All?

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Having it All…

You can do anything, but you can't do everything...

This phrase has come up a couple of times with coaching clients recently. And it was also at the front of my mind as I watched our British cycling team sweep up a host of medals at the last Olympics. We've taken more medals in cycling than any other country in the velodrome (yay!!).

And the timing of the training that supported those wins was *completely intentional*.

Cycling has become a key sport for Britain, and the public funding for the sport is allocated (partly at least) on how many medals we take home. So, the better the cyclists perform in Rio, the more money goes their way. And it's specifically Olympic medals. Which mean the team trains to peak at the Olympics. Although good, they weren't nearly as impressive at last year's world championships.

It Was a Deliberate Choice

 Back to that phrase:

You can do anything, but you can't do everything.

By training for a specific outcome, they've chosen to sacrifice another outcome. It's the same for you -- whatever you choose to do has a consequence.

You can choose to do anything (well, OK, I'm guessing there won't be many of us winning Olympic medals next time around!), but that has to come at the expense of doing less of something else, or doing it to a lower standard.

Are you making your choices deliberately?

I know it helps me to be conscious, on a daily basis, of the impact I want to make so that I can do those activities that will support me. Where can you apply this in your life? And what difference might it make?

With love,