Don't Let What You Don't Know Define You

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Too Much Information!

I'm in the middle of a project where I'm interviewing people I consider to be 'world-changers', people who are making a difference. These are an eclectic mix of people but the one common trait they share is that they are driven to make an impact beyond themselves, however large or small.

The nature of their work means that there is always something they 'don't know'.

Whether that's how to lead a growing team of staff, whether it's the intricacies of setting up a business after years of employment, and where to find well-paying clients, whether it's how to reach more people with their message, or whether it's how on earth to fulfil that bold commitment they just made to a new client or partner -- there's always something.

How Do We Move Forward?

One thing I notice that is critical to their success, is how important it is to distance themselves from the stress and confusion that this 'not knowing' can cause. It's natural to focus on what we don't know, or where we're experiencing challenge, and it's too easy to ignore the many areas where we are succeeding, and where our skills and experience bring us into flow. And, when you lose sight of where you do shine on a daily basis, your confidence can falter and your overall performance (and, inevitably, your happiness) dips.

Remember, though, this 'not knowing' is only one small part of your business or work. It doesn't define you.

Not Knowing is not the Same as not Caring…

Those of my 'world-changers' who find their way through this and keep their focus on doing their best work are those who seek an outside perspective. This can take many forms -- it can be a group of advisers, a mentor, or a coach, or sometimes a close friend or partner.

Having someone else to show you your blind spots and remind you of your brilliance that can make all the difference to your success -- and particularly to the speed of your success.

Easy as it is to focus on solving the problems in front of you, sometimes it helps to pause and remember that there are so many more places where you are succeeding. If you can begin to separate the successes and the challenges, almost as if you are holding them in different hands, then you'll find the challenges become smaller, and therefore easier to solve.

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