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What’s Your Relationship with Success? (And Why This Is More Important That Any ‘Success Strategy’!)

At the heart of being successful is a paradox. It’s a paradox that the most successful people I know have solved, although they may not be aware of it. And it’s the paradox that keeps those of us who are feeling frustrated about our success fro achieving everything we want.

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Where in Your Life Are You Over-Analyzing? (chickens and eggs and feeling less stressed)

Vera came to me with a big problem about her colleague and a project they were both working on. Here’s how it looked to her, and here’s where I found a solution in a different place…

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Imaginary Dragons and the Pointlessness of Fighting Them

Ellen told me all the reasons she didn’t want to live in London. And all of them sounded plausible! But what if we can lift our restrictions so that it doesn’t matter where we live, but we don’t have to be limited by things that don’t exist.

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