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Why “If You Believe It, You Can Achieve It” Is the Worst Possible Success Advice and What’s a Much Better Plan for This Game of Life...

A popular self-help rallying cry “if you believe it you can achieve it!”. But where has that led us other than to hard work and more hard work? Let’s take a look whether it’s true and what else we could believe in instead…

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100 Years of Suffrage and Why Do We Still Imprison Ourselves?

Marking 100 years of the first UK votes for women, this piece explores freedom, the kind of freedom most of my clients are looking for, freedom to do the things they want and feel the way they want to feel. What’s stopping them? And what could be stopping you?

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Focus On the Person, Not the Label

We don’t realise how much we put people in boxes—personality type, political affiliation, what business niche you’re in, or industry, or occupation… And what damage is this doing to our relationships? Read on to find out more…

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