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Why “If You Believe It, You Can Achieve It” Is the Worst Possible Success Advice and What’s a Much Better Plan for This Game of Life...

A popular self-help rallying cry “if you believe it you can achieve it!”. But where has that led us other than to hard work and more hard work? Let’s take a look whether it’s true and what else we could believe in instead…

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Money: Is it a Measure of Value, or Worth, or What? (the surprising truth)

At an event on ‘coaching skills for social impact’ I asked myself what meaning we were making out of money—good or bad—and whether that was holding us back from doing our best work in the world…

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Making Business Easy (and is that even the right question?)

Making business easy looks like it should be about applying systems and structures. That’s not what my interviewee said ‘we’re the least structured we’ve ever been’. And making the most money!

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