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The Infinite Library (finding 'perfect' in a world of infinite choices)

It sometimes looks as if life would be better if we could find the perfect solution, the perfect system at work, the perfect system of governance, the perfect place to live.... But life is more like an infinite library—there is no one book that has all the answers. Or is there? What if all the books actually do give the same answer? What then?

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100 Years of Suffrage and Why Do We Still Imprison Ourselves?

Marking 100 years of the first UK votes for women, this piece explores freedom, the kind of freedom most of my clients are looking for, freedom to do the things they want and feel the way they want to feel. What’s stopping them? And what could be stopping you?

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Where in Your Life Are You Waiting for 'One Day'?

What does the TV show ‘What Not to Wear’ have to do with creating transformational change? And how can we solve the age-old problem of waiting for ‘one day’ in our lives. Read on to find out more…

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