We Are Not What We Do...

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What’s ‘Identity’?

I just replied to an email from someone who told me how torn she was between her old career and something new she wanted to do—and was holding herself back from. I could tell that she was wrapping her sense of self-worth up in what she thought was her identity.

It's funny how we define ourselves by what we do—I do it, too—less so now—but the truth is that we are who we are, and what we do is just something that we occupy the time with at that point in our lives. We don't say to a child 'oh, you are an accountant'.

I say this because I want you to be free to make the choices that YOU feel inspired to make and to do whatever calls you at this moment.

Play, practice, express yourself, learn and enjoy.

Identity is not defined by what we do.

Who we are is something that goes beyond occupation, beyond job, beyond what we think. When you look to that, you'll start to see that anything is else is just window dressing.

With love,