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Why You’ll Never Find the ‘Perfect’ Information (no matter how hard you search)

We’re so used to being bombarded with the ‘right’ way to do things (eat, sleep, exercise, work, parent, teach…) that we think the solution is always to look for more information. What if there was an easier way? And a more effective way…?

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Comparison-itis: Do You Feel Less Than Adequate When You Look at Other People? (And What to Do About It)

“I feel like an imposter!” said my client, and that one phrase took us into a deep dive on comparison-itis, why we do it and what to do instead. (oh yes, we took a side-step with some puppy stories ;-)). Enjoy.

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Where in Your Life Are You Over-Analyzing? (chickens and eggs and feeling less stressed)

Vera came to me with a big problem about her colleague and a project they were both working on. Here’s how it looked to her, and here’s where I found a solution in a different place…

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