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The Ultimate Answer to Every ‘how to’ Question

What’s the difference between a simple question that we google or that we ask a friend and move on, and those thorny questions that we chew around in our head for a long time, ask people for advice on, and yet never move forward? Let’s look at a practical solution…

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Why You’ll Never Find the ‘Perfect’ Information (no matter how hard you search)

We’re so used to being bombarded with the ‘right’ way to do things (eat, sleep, exercise, work, parent, teach…) that we think the solution is always to look for more information. What if there was an easier way? And a more effective way…?

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Androids, Electric Sheep and Perpetual Motion: Life Lessons from Philip K Dick

This quote from Philip K Dick struck me as we prepared to see the movie Bladerunner… A quote about the nature of chaos and the human spirit of resilience and creativity that flows with it and makes something new from it.

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