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Perfectionism Does Not Create Perfection (and may cause you a performance injury)

It’s easy to assume that a little worrying is a good thing—that surely it makes us more conscious of results and focuses the mind on doing better? Well… maybe not. Maybe perfectionism in its extreme form—the mental comparison to our own imagined future performance is actually causing damage to us and diminishing our results.

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Why You’ll Never Find the ‘Perfect’ Information (no matter how hard you search)

We’re so used to being bombarded with the ‘right’ way to do things (eat, sleep, exercise, work, parent, teach…) that we think the solution is always to look for more information. What if there was an easier way? And a more effective way…?

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Where Are You Comparing Yourself to Others? (How to eliminate that gut-wrenching 'comparisonitis')

Ah, it’s hurts when I see someone comparing themselves to others. And, often, it’s so insidious we don’t realise we’re doing it—those little subtleties of language and habit. There really is another way and here’s how to…

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