Not All 'Advice' Is True

Other People’s Opinions

Far too many people will give you their opinion about what works, their success strategies, or, at least what worked for them. That doesn't necessarily mean it will work for you, or even that it works at all.

The reality is that a lot of advice you hear has been passed from one person to another and somehow it has become the 'truth'.

Things like:

  • It takes 21 days to form a habit.

  • Make sure your staff know exactly what to do.

  • Set clear boundaries with your children.

  • You have to work hard to get ahead.

Which are, mostly, unfounded myths.


Yep, 'fraid so.

It can take more time or less time to form a habit depending on what the habit is, and how deeply you have embedded the old behaviour.

And sometimes we need space to develop a new habit. With running, my experience was that I could still be successful even if I did it a few times a week. Or I did intervals rather than distance. And that it can be damaging to do it every day. I need to rest, I need to re-energise, my body needs to recover. Or it can be energising to do it every day! What I need varies; it isn’t fixed.

And boundaries. What even are boundaries? What are we protecting ourselves from…?

The Truth…

It might be a bit more work to question what is blithely given as 'the truth', to research what works, to question what you're told to, to tune in to what’s really true for you in that moment rather than take on board the blanket advice.

But it's worth it

Advice is only true if it actually works.

And, maybe there really is a secret to a happy and fulfilled life....?

With love,