Starting. When Is It Right to Just 'Go For It!'?


How Do You Get Started When You Don’t Know Where to Start?

I got a message this week from a new student on one of my writing courses,

I'm very excited but anxious at the same time. I so want to write but don't know where to start, what to write about, etc. My brain is utter chaos, so I'm starting here. I am looking forward to the course. Have a wonderful day!

She's anxious, she wants to write, she doesn't exactly know what she wants to write about—but she's starting anyway. And there's something very powerful in that—just taking a leap, taking a course, reaching out for support, whatever it is that will help us put some structure around our ideas, and just go for it.

But sometimes we put things off—why is that?? If you're putting things off then it's usually down to one of two reasons:

1. You really don't know where to start and some knowledge, some guidance, some structure will help you get started.

2. Deep down inside you know you could take a step but the fear and the resistance—that part of your brain that is protecting you from harm -- is kicking in because you know you could get hurt. What if no-one likes my work? What if it isn't good enough? (Well, what if it WAS?!) All those thoughts could have some foundation but so what. Why would you care? You will only get better by starting.

What If…?

It's my experience that those people who put a little effort into improving their writing (or anything!) get a huge reward.

Is there something you've been putting off that you could get started on today? And what's the first small step you could take?

Are you willing to go for it? I do hope so because one small step will help get you unstuck.

Have a great time creating!