Your Success Isn't Driven by What You Know...

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You Have to Know What to Do… (right?)

I was reminded this week that what we choose to spend time on isn't always what drives our success.

To give you the specifics: I was talking with my friend Tom about what new developments we have planned in our businesses (we strategise together every few weeks to help each with our businesses), and I told him about a training programme I'm considering enrolling in.

Tom said to me,

You know, Cathy, learning is no substitute for failure.

Wow, what a great reminder that was; that success is driven by what we do, rather than what we know. In most cases, we already know enough to experiment with a new idea, to put an offer out there, or to pilot a new group, to make an offer of a new service to a potential client.

The pitch might not work, and we learn something, but, who knows, they may even say yes and we move forward. It's being willing to fail that ultimately makes us more successful.

Of course, that's not to under-value learning. I love learning! But sometimes we use learning as a substitute for action. Or, we use the 'need' for qualifications as cover for a fear of failure.

Why not ask yourself this: is there somewhere in your life or business where one small action could give you more information, or greater potential results than you could get by more learning? Is there something you could just start?

A small step you could take towards your ultimate goal?

And is there any reason you're not taking it?

With love,