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"I Hope it Doesn't Hurt Too Much" (the inevitability of pain and the optional nature of suffering)

“I hope it doesn’t hurt too much” said my husband on the way to the doctor. A simple line, which prompted a fascinating discussion about the nature of pain and how we often fear what we imagine more than the reality of the experience…

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Asking for Advice and Why We Look in the Wrong Place

It’s so common for clients and friends to come to us with questions that look like they have a real answer, and it’s easy for us to give it. But what if we’re doing more of a disservice than we know? What else can we do when someone is asking for advice (works for us too!)

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It's OK If You Don't Know All the Details

In conversation with a social entrepreneur yesterday she revealed what can be a huge block for any of us bringing our ideas into the world: the fear that we have to ‘know it all’ before we can start. Because that fear can halt us in our steps…

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