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A Simple Life Isn’t About Reducing the Amount of ‘Stuff’

There’s a prevailing philosophy that having less stuff will lead to a simpler life, and a simpler life equates to more peace of mind. Hmm. That’s the way it looks, and the way many of us think it works. But what if there’s a huge piece we’re forgetting?

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Are You Living Life in First Gear? And You Think the Only Solution Is to Rev Harder??

Ever had that feeling, or seen it in someone else, when it feels like they’re a car, revving too hard but not going anywhere? We can all do that in life, which is exhausting (and unproductive!). Here’s how to…

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When Things Don't Go the Way We Want and Why (Sometimes) It Feels like a Big Deal

Sometimes things don’t go the way we want, and it doesn’t bother us. And sometimes it does. A lot! Here’s why that happens and what we can do about it…

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