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We’re Never Done…. and Why That’s Great News!

It looks like much of development and innovation is to find a great solution and then scale it, roll it out to other areas, other countries, other contexts. But what if we’re missing something in this model? What if we’re missing the very thing that makes that first solution so brilliant?

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"I Hope it Doesn't Hurt Too Much" (the inevitability of pain and the optional nature of suffering)

“I hope it doesn’t hurt too much” said my husband on the way to the doctor. A simple line, which prompted a fascinating discussion about the nature of pain and how we often fear what we imagine more than the reality of the experience…

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My iPhone, the Weather and Controlling Results

I can drive myself crazy planning my day around the weather forecast on my phone—just as a client was doing with the results of her project. “It’s not on the forecast!” she exclaimed. Well… here’s how it actually works!

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