Banish the "T" Word from Your Vocabulary! (For Your Own Good)


Too Much to Say?

I just replied to an email from someone who told me he thought he had 'too much' content to be able to put into a talk he was doing.

It got me wondering why we jump, so quickly, to self-criticism, and why can it be so hard to get off that train?

Too much?

That one simple word turns an objective statement into a judgement. In his case, it's only his own judgement. No-one was telling him how much he had to prepare for the talk.

The more we heap judgment on ourselves the less we can enjoy the things we are doing and the way we are being.

I'm too loud, I'm too quiet, my talk is too long, I'm too fat, I'm too...

Really? Who says so?

Removing Judgement

What if the person who wrote the email simply asked,

Oh, I have a lot of material here, what will be 'enough' for the talk I am doing?

Once we remove judgement, we can be objective. Once we remove judgement, we are dispassionate, we can look at what needs to be done, not what we are making it mean about ourselves. And, from there, it’s way easier to take action.

Give it a try!

With love,