What Would a Quantum Leap Look Like?


Random Questions…

When I'm coaching I don't have a 'process' or a fixed set of questions—we go where we need to go. I don't think I've ever asked this question before; it's just what came up in the moment with a client last week: 

What would a quantum leap look like for you?

It's an interesting question.

Usually I like change to be organic, to flow, to happen at the pace that it happens. In this case, I could see that a shift, that quantum leap to another level was easily possible, and no more difficult than what this amazing woman was working on now. I wanted her to see what might be possible if she were to look where I was looking.

Big leaps are often easier than we think; and easier—or just the same effort—as small changes; it just requires seeing what could be. Letting go of expectations and being playful about allowing the future to create itself.

I wonder what might show up for you if you allow yourself to dream a little, play a little?

  • What would a quantum leap in your business look like?

  • In your career?

  • In your personal life?

  • In your health and fitness?

  • In how you make a difference to those around you?

It’s fun to play and it’s even more fun to see where this playfulness can take you!

With love,