Clarity Audio Series: Answering Your Questions About Clarity in Life and Work


Clarity: Your Questions Answered...

These five audios, each about ten minute long, are designed to support you when it feels as if you need more clarity in your life or work.

Clarity is one of those things that looks as if it will help us find more and better opportunities, or take advantage of the opportunities we have. It looks as if our lack of clarity is blocking our ability to communicate clearly, or to find the fulfillment, satisfaction and happiness that's waiting for us.

Listen in to these audios for a better understanding of what clarity is, why we need it, and how to find it for yourself.

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Audio 1: How to Make Sense of the Future

So much of our desire for clarity is so that we can move confidently into the future.

If only I knew X, then I could do Y.

(and there’s an unspoken rationale that Y will give us what we’re looking for—a sense of security, a sense of peace, etc, etc)

In the first audio I look at why it makes no sense to try to analyse, predict and plan for the future. Yet still we do it... especially when we have a 'big' decision. What does that mean for us and how to balance planning with staying present to how things unfold?

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Audio 2: Getting Below the Noise 

In the second audio I look at what one of my subscribers laughed at as a 'technique' to use when making complex decisions.

It's an unusual way to access clarity but I think it's a perfect way of describing what it is we're doing when we push aside the noise and the confusion, settle into the quiet and fall into clarity, flow and the ultimate confidence that we know what to do. 

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Audio 3: What We're Really Looking For (and, therefore, how to get it)

In Audio 3, I dive into what is is we're doing when we’re searching for clarity (or whatever word we put on it), and why it can be so elusive when we most want it.

When we see what's going on with ourselves in this search, then it’s much, much easier to get the perspective we're looking for.

I also talk about future-proofing your ability to tap into this technique so it becomes your most useful secret weapon.

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Audio 4: Differentiating Clarity from Confusion

In this audio I ask a very simple question to help you differentiate between answers that come to you from clarity and answers that come from confusion. Sometimes, the more we try to figure it out, the more it appears we’re going round in circles.

I want to equip you to step out of this so that you can shift in perspective and tune in to the right signal and find the answers you need in any situation.

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Audio 5: The Paradox of ‘Being Clear’ and Two Final Questions

In this final audio, I talk about the difference between having a clear intention, versus being inflexible and immovable. One is good and one can restrict our ability to find solutions and adapt to changing circumstances. It definitely looks as if being clear about our objectives will help us get clear, but is that how it works. We’ll see!

I also give you two final questions to consider that I think will be helpful in retaining a sense of clarity as you move forward in your life. Think of it like a kind of early warning system to keep you on track and out of the metaphorical ditches in life!

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