What Do You Think About 'Money'?

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Money: How Much Mental Energy Do You Spend? 

It's a rare person who never thinks about money at all. Whether it's how much we're earning, how much we're spending, how to get more, how to set our prices... we are often on a merry-go-round of 'thinking' about those dollars or pounds.

In this conversation with my friend and colleague, Mary Schiller, we talk about why many people we know (and us too!) spend so much time and mental energy on the topic of money, and how we can divert that energy into something more creative (and, ultimately, lucrative).

We talk about why money looks so important, what we're really searching for when we chase money, and why money can never, ever deliver that security and freedom we crave.

We also talk about common strategies that we see clients and friends adopting when they think they need to 'do' something about money, or their 'money mindset'. Mary talks candidly about how she followed programme after programme to find a way to solve the way she was thinking about money, and how she ended up 'failing' at all of them—leaving her no better off financially, and without the peace of mind she was seeking.

Until the 'lightbulb' moment that is.

Until Mary saw, truly and deeply for herself, what most people miss.

We round off the conversation with some practical tips. What should you be looking at if you really want to solve your money challenges? What can you do to make the process of creating something in your business and professional life fun, and exciting? And, what if you're actually doing OK financially, and yet you still worry? What we cover in the interview will help you with that, too.

Money: How to Free Yourself of the Stories

How did our conversation resonate? I'm curious to know if you heard anything new in the interview. Did you hear anything that shifted the way you think about money? Or about the links we make between money and well-being?

Maybe something we said sparked your curiosity and you want to continue to dig deeper with this topic?

Notice where you’re making meaning out of money; when you hold yourself back from doing something because of money, or when you can feel a tightening inside when the subject of money comes up or at various points in your day. There’s not need to do anything about those feelings, but notice them.

And then ask yourself what you’d do if money meant nothing at all to you. If you had everything you needed and money was a play-thing, and we were all engaged in a giant game of monopoly. What would you do differently? Again, there’s no need to do anything, but notice what comes up for you.

Once you start to see where you’re making meaning out of money that isn’t there, then you will start to be free of the stories and the weight of those stories.

No matter what your money story, no matter what you think about money, no matter how much or how little mental energy you're spending lost in thought, you don't have to let those preconceptions hold you back from creating what you want, and playing the game of life at whatever level you find yourself at.

The best part is that there's always more to see, and always another level to the game.

Have fun!

With love,