Do You Sometimes Compare Yourself to Others?

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Giving Up Your Power…

A colleague of mine brought this Alice Walker quote up in conversation this week:

The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don't have any.

He'd seen it be true for him in terms of comparison—how he sometimes compares himself to others and in that comparison he feels powerless. And I suspect he's not alone in that.

What happens when we make a comparison—or when we strive for something that someone else has -- is that we start to drive our behaviour from a place of need and fear.

What If It Wasn’t like That?

But, what if you were already good enough? What if you stopped looking to others, and stopped making those (often-negative) comparisons? What if you are already powerful? What if you are grounded in who you are now, and in the wisdom that you already have to make decisions? What if you have everything you need?

I know that I do my best work when I come from what I already know and when I trust in myself completely to deliver the perfect result. When I switch off from looking outside, even in the name of ‘research’.

That isn't vanity—it doesn't mean I can't get better—of course I can.

But it doesn’t help my performance in the moment.

It doesn’t help me be present to those in front of of me—whether I’m delivering a workshop, coaching a client, or creating a training course. When I work from the place I am most grounded then I do my very best work, which means the person in front of me gets the very best of me and is more likely to be able to access the very best of themselves.

What about you? Who do you sometimes compare yourself to?

Are you willing to be present to you?

Take a moment—right now—to feel grounded and to work from the deep knowing that you are already powerful and you already have everything you need?

Stay in the moment, bathe yourself in love, feel the solid ground beneath your feet. And stay in the presence until you feel it—really feel it. You are everything, because it’s who we all our, the amazing potential of being human.

You too. Really!

With love,


P.S. If you’d like to access more of yourself, and get out of the trap of comparing yourself to others, then I recommend this free course as a great place to start.